Thursday, July 10, 2014

New York Adventure: The Foodporn Edition!

Hi Egos, I'm back with another update from my stay in New York. Yes, I'm still here and am proud to say that so far I haven't been robbed, didn't lose anything and am getting the hang on things.

This city is exactly the way I expected it to be and completely different at the same time. For example I knew there'd be a lot of tourists but I didn't knew how helpful the folks of New York are to them. In Berlin we tend to be annoyed by tourists and avoid helping them. However here it's like the help is being forced on you though you haven't said anything yet.

Another thing I expected was the food. There is so much variety and if there is anything you would like to eat I'm sure you'll find it somewhere in this city. What's confusing to me is how there can be one restaurant next to the other and so on for about 10 blocks. I don't see why those places don't go bankrupt but then again New York has a lot of hungry mouths to feed. I'll just go with it for now :D

Of course I had to eat a burger. USA + Food = Burger 

Pho in Chinatown. In order to not eat too much meat I went for a spinach and tofu soup. 

Pancakes with fruits on the ferry :-) 

 Portugese wrap with huge fries.

 The American Dream frozen with lots of caramel and chocolate coated waffles <3

Some salad shouldn't be missing too. I realize now that my drink kind of looks like a beer but it really isn't. It's an unsweetend ice tea which is quite popular around here.

Since my last post we've done a couple of more tourist-kind-of things. We went on a fairy boat to get a full view of the skyline and Manhatten. We've watched Once which seems to be one of the hottest musicals right now. We saw the Highline which is an old rail track that has been turned into a park platform. There are so many things we did... Incredible!

I can't believe that one week has already passed by. We'll stay here until Monday morning and will then leave to spend a couple of days at the beach cause that's what one should do in summer. :-P

I hope your vacation is getting closer too! Have a great day.

C U Egos!
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