Thursday, March 13, 2014

EGOxperiment: Magnum Marc de Champagne - 25th Anniversary

Hi Egos, ever since my first EGOxperiment series you'll know what a huge Magnum fan I am. I love their flavours and the special editions they make every few months.

As usual I stumbled upon this new flavour by accident. I was browsing through the supermarket after an intense workout at the gym. I wanted to get a snack for later but nothing too horrible. Ice cream is always better than chocolate because it has less calories. Expecting to find nothing special I went to the ice cream counter anyways - and there it was! Something sparkly, silvery and frozen! At first I thought they had created a Magnum Silver edition since their Magnumg Gold is so successfull. But no! It was even more exquisite!
May I present to you the Magnum Marc de Chamapgne: 

It looks pretty cool, doesn't it? With it being all silver and stuff. I'm not a fan of ice cream with alcohol (flavour) so I had my doubts about this one. Luckily you can't taste the champagne that much. I love the silver chocolate coat and the consistency is as nice as you would expect from a Magnum bar.

All in all it's a nice way to celebrate 25 years of ice cream. So congrats to Magnum! Please continue to ruin my figure with your products :D
C U Egos!
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