Thursday, June 12, 2014

University - Expectations vs. Reality

Hi Egos, as mentioned before there is some change happening in my life right now. I've known it all along and now it's finally a work in progress: I want to go to university and study Psychology.
I'm not sure what it's like in your country but here in Germany most universities are affordable-ish. Yes, it's not cheap but compared to the US you can at least afford the basic fees. Which is why there are so many people applying to get into the university of their dreams.
I would love to call this post "part 1" hoping that I get into one of the Unis I've applied for but the competition is rough and I won't apply for anything other than Psychology when I know there is nothing else I want to do. It really is an all or nothing situation. :-D  So let's just think that this really is part 1 and get to the expectations!
1. Partys
You know I love to party and we've all watched movies about crazy college/uni parties. I hope that there will be some memorable events that I'll be able to still talk about when I'm in my 70ies.
2. Lots to Learn
Yes, I've heard some people actually go there to study and learn things. Weird, huh? Just kidding I really want to get all nerdy and know it all!
3. Deadline Panic
This is something I hope to avoid but let's face it: Don't we all say we will work diligently and be done way before the deadline? In the end don't we all finish just in time anyways?
4. Libraries
I love libraries and since books tend to be expensive I want to go there as much as I can and use the books there instead of buying them. It also has such a motivating image if you ask me :D I might need fake glasses to complete this idea in my head though.
Look how cute they are. Totally studying for their exams :D
5. Creating a network
In school you meet your first friends but in most cases these friendships don't last because you change towards different directions. In college/uni you meet the people that will stick around. You are likely to end up working in the same industry or might even become colleagues. There might even be a chance for a significant romance but that's so chick-flick :D
So tell me about you guys! Have you been to college/uni? Are you currently there? What's it like?
C U Egos!
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